Finally, The First Post

Hello! Welcome to The Feminine Perspective!

It’s taken me a while to write this first post for many reasons, life’s responsibilities being one of them (I haven’t quite found a balance yet) and struggling to find to right words to say to kick off this blog. As a perfectionist, it’s sometimes hard to write something and be proud of what you’ve written, which is a big part as to why I wanted to start this blog in the first place. I wanted this to be a space where people can come together and just be, imperfections and all.  Sometimes in life it’s hard to find that place where you can just be you, without being judged or questioned or told who or what you should be. With that said, I did struggle to find the right words because I wanted those words to be perfect, inspirational, motivational etc. For some reason it was incredibly important that the first thing on this blog be an important and inspirational message, a message that will draw readers in and keep them interested in coming back. I kept putting this pressure on myself to write something ground breaking instead of just being myself and letting you guys know who I am as a writer and as a person.

So, let me introduce myself properly, my name is Melanie but you can just call me M. I have always wanted to be a writer but never thought I had the balls or the talent to actually do it so I thought blogging would be a good test to see if I even still enjoy writing. As a child, I wanted to be the next big writer and was constantly coming up with new story ideas and characters. I figured that blogging would be the next best thing, just a little more grown up and instead of imaginary stories and characters, I would talk about real stories that included real characters. For the past 10 years, I haven’t written anything besides chemistry lab reports so I am a little rusty (please go easy with me) and beyond the content of this blog, this really is a journey of self-discovery for me (wow, that got deep). For the past, well, really long time I have been on a path that wasn’t true to who I was. There were certain standards and expectations placed on me to be a certain way and become a certain person that just didn’t align with who I felt like I was on the inside. I always knew that I wanted to do something that would have a positive impact, basically I wanted to change the world then again, I was 5 years old and watching too many Disney movies when I came up with this master plan. However, I do still hope to one day do something that will inflict a positive change on this world in whatever shape or form. This shape or form could potentially be this blog. I truly believe that the community we could create with this blog could actually create a massive change in this world in the best way. But I am getting ahead of myself. First let me explain how this blog came to be.

This blog has been something I’ve been wanting to do before blogging actually became popular but I struggled with what I wanted the content to be. Everything I came up with just didn’t seem like enough, a fashion blog only told a portion of who I was and what I had to say, the same goes for the fitness/health blog idea I had. All of these ideas were just scratching the surface of what I wanted to say, I really wanted a platform where I could voice everything I had on my mind and that included fashion and fitness/health among so many other things. Then this past summer, Steph (my co-creator) and I were having a conversation over lunch that sparked an idea and I practically obsessed over it for weeks (just ask Steph, I was crazy obsessed). We were talking about strong females in Hollywood and how all of them were suddenly pushing for female equality. Now, Steph and I have always been for female’s being treated as equals and we both had noticed the difference in the way females vs. males were treated in society. That women in society have standard’s that we have to live up to in order to be considered “proper” and “normal”, basically to be considered equal to our male friends. During this part of the conversation, I thought how rad would it be if we could create a blog or a space where we could discuss things like this. A space where we could define what is considered a “proper” or “normal” female and how we could break down these barriers and create new ones (if we even need to) to define ourselves as we see fit. Now, I wanted this space (as I like to call it) to be easy going, I didn’t want it to be a battle ground for debates. I just wanted to create a conversation that was light, open-minded, honest, real, and funny. I didn’t want to start a war between the sexes, I wanted to bring the sexes together (fingers crossed) and start a dialogue with a multitude of different opinions and hopefully through this dialogue create something amazing that I haven’t quite figured out yet. I believe that once the conversation is started, let it flow organically and see where it takes us. If we can create a community where women feel empowered and confident, and the men are capable of supporting them while still feeling empowered themselves then we could be unstoppable. I wanted this to be more than a feminist blog (note: there is nothing wrong with feminist blogs, I appreciate all views and opinions so keep your panties on).  So this is where The Feminine Perspective was born.

Beyond this topic of female empowerment, I wanted to be able to discuss everything under the sun (with a slight feminine perspective, get it? Ha!). This blog is going to include anything and everything we find interesting from fashion/style to beauty to music, film, art, literature, fitness & health to trends, social media and everyday anecdotes from our lives that we feel need to be discussed. We hope that you beautiful people will also join in on the conversation, letting us know your views and opinions. We really want this to feel like a coffee shop conversation that you have with old friends, where you sit down and talk for hours on end about everything, no holds bar and zero judgment. Just like when Steph and I get together after having been apart for what feels like an eternity.

So before I cap this very long post off, I just want to say something about my co-creator, Steph. I could never have been able to do this without her, especially after we had the conversation that inspired this whole blog idea. See, Steph and I are soul sisters, we just get each other on another level, it’s actually kind of freaky. We have always been in tune, no matter how far apart we are geographically. We have this magic ability to build on each other’s ideas and opinions, creating this whole new super opinion. Besides that, Steph is like this magical unicorn that always has amazingly grounded and wise advice, not to mention she is the most fearless person I have ever met. It would really be a shame if her voice wasn’t apart of this blog (trust me, if you knew her you would know that she is amazeballs). Plus, this is a great excuse for us to stay connected as life seems to take us in our own separate directions as life tends to do to old friends.

Finally, my biggest hope for this blog is really to just start a conversation that will draw you guys, our readers in and inspire you to voice your own opinion, especially if you have been afraid to in the past. Then by creating this open dialogue things will flow naturally and a community will come from this, that will eventually grow into something bigger that I haven’t quite figured out yet. But I promise that if you just give us and this blog a chance, something great could come from it. And before I forget, I want to thank you sincerely for taking the time to read this and our future posts. I am not a brilliant writer by any means but I appreciate you allowing me to share my stories, so thank you!

Much love, M.




3 thoughts on “Finally, The First Post

  1. Happy blogging to you and Stephanie!


    1. Thank you so much! Steph and I truly appreciate the support! I hope you come back to see us and our future posts!


      1. You’re most welcome 🙂


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