Little Challenges and Small Victories

Hello, Internet people!

Last week was an interesting week for me: no toast with peanut butter for breakfast, no sandwiches, pasta, burgers or pizza. I haven’t been putting myself on a diet or anything – it was just Passover.

The surprisingly delicious matzo nachos – which I also posted to my personal Instagram!

Now, don’t go thinking the purpose of this post is to preach my own religious beliefs – let’s be real, they’re pretty incoherent anyway. My Jewish beliefs are pretty casual, but because of my Eastern European descent every year I give up (most) chametz and kitniyot to observe Passover. And every year, I ask myself “WHY DO I DO THIS?”

And you know what? Every year, I’m surprised at how quickly it goes by. Yeah, sure I may have indulged in some corn and soy, but that’s not so bad! I spent eight days eating mostly matzo, looking longingly at cookies and cakes that I’m forbidden to eat, and it wasn’t even that hard. I made some delicious matzo nachos, matzo pizza, a nice cauliflower fried rice, and some sweet potato poutine! And, of course, the exception I’ve made my whole life: matzo with peanut butter. I’ve probably eaten better this week than I have in the past little while.

While I’m not vegetarian, I eat largely vegetarian when I’m at home because meat seems too complicated a lot of the time. If I wasn’t lucky enough to be home for a few days at the beginning of the holiday, or have a great boyfriend / his family who occasionally (ok, often) feed me – this week might have been a lot harder. Can you imagine being vegetarian with no beans, lentils, legumes, or soy? It would be really tough!

While I had some help, conquering the little, tiny challenge that is Passover, it has me thinking I can succeed at other little challenges. So, all of that wish-list stuff that I’ve put on the blog in the past few months, like starting to jog again (well, after this chest cold passes) and eating better (ding, ding, ding!) actually seems possible. And it’s not like all of the help I got over the week will go away simply because Passover is over. I’m so grateful to have the strong support system that I have, and so thankful that they’re cool with all of my idiosyncrasies and inconsistencies. Weird that Passover made me realize something so personal, but maybe that’s what all these little challenges are actually for.

What kinds of small victories have you accomplished lately? We want to know! Tell us in the comments 🙂





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