Stephanie’s Guide to Moving House

Moving is different for everyone, but I don’t think it’s totally fun for anyone. I’ve moved twice now, and both times have been relatively easy. Some people have to pack up whole houses, and I’ve mostly just packed up one room and a bit. My parents took care of my first move, and this time around we were able to move things over a week rather than just in one day, with the help of both of our sets of parents. I’ve been very fortunate.

Now that Dave, my boyfriend, and I have been in our new place for a few days, we’re slowly but surely unpacking. He’s cooking our inaugural meal as I type this. Yes, HE is cooking! Again, I’m lucky. Also, I’m a terrible cook. [I wrote this on Friday night as he made his famous mac and cheese. Yum!]

While I’ve had it pretty good for my moves, that’s not to say they’ve been a cakewalk. I’d like to share a few tips that I have for moving. To be honest, I can probably use my own advice.

Dave looking right at home in our new kitchen

1) Have enough supplies.

Boxes, bubble wrap, garbage bags, snacks – have enough of all of it! I ran out of every single item above, and regretted it. I’ve got mugs wrapped in t-shirts, and I needed to steal boxes and bags from my boyfriend after he’d used them. It’s a pain when you don’t have them, so make sure you do.

2) Organize your time.

Don’t just wing it. Think about the things you don’t use every day, and pack them first. That way you aren’t stuck throwing things around when the clock’s running out. Guilty as charged.

3) Take your time.

This might seem to disagree with the other one, but try to give yourself enough time and don’t rush. Make sure that everything is neatly packed, and that you have time to rest and take care of yourself between packing frenzies.

4) Label your boxes.

I had a moment today of “where are my pants?!” and it took me over 10 minutes to find them. Don’t be that person. Label your boxes.

5) Don’t forget self-care.

I just kept looking forward to taking a bath in my new bathtub, and lemme tell you, it was worth it. While I was packing, I consistently took time to read and watch a fun TV show, which let me come down from the stress of packing. I tried not to let the process take over my life. Keep your regular routine as much as you can.

6) Be nice to your partner.

Or to whoever is helping you move. I warned Dave that I was going to get frazzled, and that when it happens he should just tell me to go outside to get some air. I was feeling good enough that I never needed him to remind me. On our moving day, I took some time to head outside and call my mom, and it really improved my mood. He and I are still living together, so everything seems to have gone alright!

7) Have the essentials ready to go.

Brushing your teeth is not something that can wait until you unpack your boxes.

We were able to make the bed pretty much right away. The rest? Not so much.

A bonus piece of advice from Dave: “Move in with Steph, she’s awesome.”*

If you’ve recently moved, I hope this resonates with you and that you can get a good giggle. If you are planning on moving sometime soon: good luck! Like all the best things in life, moving is simultaneously scary and exciting. As annoying as it is to pack everything up, it feels amazing to arrange it all in a new space. Appreciate the moments from beginning to end for what they are, and you’re in for an amazing ride.


*He didn’t really say that, it’s just what I imagine he’s thinking.


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