Fall Forward

I’ve been bullying myself for weeks to write something “important”, “hard-hitting” and emotional, but the truth is, I just don’t want to. I’m not there right now. Everything I’ve tried has seemed trite, and I haven’t been anywhere near satisfied with my attemps to write about my job search, my weight-loss, or anything approaching the personal realm.

So, today, I concede to write something about fall. Fall, autumn, that time of year where everything dies: it’s the best season there is.

I love taking a drive up north to see the leaves change. I’m lucky, in Toronto I can see them every day when I take the subway over the Don Valley. The leaves are changing, slowly but surely. Every day there’s a little more orange, yellow and red, and a little less green. Surely I’ll be upset once it’s all gone, but then the ground will be covered with white fluffy snow and I’ll be happy again.

Now, there are certain essential things that come to mind when I think about fall. I want to highlight the most ubiquitous fall-y things and try to make jokes about them. Sound good? Too bad.

pumpkin-spice-latte1. The famous PSL: I am guilty of subscribing to this particular fall staple. In the past, I’ve been quick to pick up a good ol’ Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte (and, soon enough, their red cups!) as soon as they’re reintroduced. However, I have yet to find a Pumpkin Spice Latte that’s worth ordering this year. I – GASP – haven’t had my first PSL of the season! Does anyone know where to find a PSL with sugar free syrup? I’ve been thinking of making my own since I heard about the Skinny Taste syrups one can buy at Homesense, but I only found them in a 3 pack and I will never use that much syrup. Ew. If I can find an individual one I will certainly pick it up to make some pumpkiny beverages all season long – or maybe until March.

2. Sweater weather: I’ve lost a significant amount of weight since I posted about that for the first and only time in June (yay!) When I went through my wardrobe last some of my stuff was way too big, but I’ve found I haven’t necessarily had to go shopping for a whole new wardrobe; most of my clothes simply fit me a lot better than they did last year. I did indulge in one new sweater to take advantage of that cold-shoulder trend, and I’m rockin’ it.

3. Boots: It hasn’t quite gotten cool enough for boots in Toronto yet, but I’ve definitely busted out my knee-high boots already. I recently discovered that there is such a thing as a plus-size knee sock. I’ve always had very large calves so this sounded like a godsend: I’ve always wanted to wear my (large-calf) boots with (plus-size) socks peeking out! I’m not being sarcastic – I’m very glad that this stuff is available on the market for most body types. Anyway, I went to a couple of plus-size stores that would carry this kind of item (Torrid, Pennington’s…yeah, that’s it. That’s pretty lame) and unfortunately neither had it. BUT! I discovered on Etsy these little things called boot cuffs and lemme tell you, they might be game changers. You don’t have to wear full tall socks, you just need to slip them on as if you’re putting a bracelet on your leg (or something) and tuck them into your boots. I am so, so tempted.*

4. Peach eyeshadow: No, this isn’t something I look forward to all summer. I just got cable and of course who can resist the Marilyn Denis show when you’re home in the morning? Well, a makeup artist was telling her about peach eyeshadow and glitter for fall, and what did I do? I went out and bought a dual peach eyeshadow and glitter liner (from Revlon, $13), wore it last night, and felt like A MILLION DOLLARS! I want to wear this stuff every day, it’s amazing.

img_34995. FALL FAIRS: I have a problem with fall fairs. I don’t take issue with them on any level; on the contrary, I am totally obsessed with them. I wish I could go to a fall fair every weekend. My parents always brought us to Vermont for the Champlain Valley Fair on Labour Day weekend, and it planted a serious seed in me. The event I look forward to the most in Toronto – above the Ex, Cask Days, or anything else – is the Royal Agricultural Winter’s Fair. I get so excited about it that I made up a song about it. Don’t ask me to sing it. Please. Just be aware that it exists, and that you’ll never hear it. I love hanging around with all the farm animals and eating some artery-clogging fair food. There is nothing better in this life. Don’t challenge me on this. I will win.

Bonus: Blue Jays post-season! I’m watching the Wildcard game right now and who knows what will happen. By the time this is published we will know if the post-season will be longer than one game. My boyfriend love love loves baseball, and if they make it past tonight I’d better love it, too.

Well, that’s all folks! Just a few little things to get us all pumped for this beautiful new season. Less jokes than I anticipated, more thoughts – I guess I’m no Tina Fey. Hey – what are you looking forward to for fall? I want to get excited with you, so please share whatever’s on your mind!

Love and leaves,


* Dave would like me to add that he’s also very excited about boots.


2 thoughts on “Fall Forward

  1. It made me grin to read about Fall Fairs! I have a special place in my heart for the Brandon [read: Manitoba small town] Royal Winter Fair. It happens more towards spring though, when the winter has dragged on so long you feel you might lose your mind. In any case I ALSO HAVE A SONG FOR THIS FAIR.
    Perhaps we shared a childhood.
    Do you think Fairs will die out completely, as our culture becomes less and less agriculturally aware/oriented or d’you think they’ll keep on going?


    1. Too funny! Dave has a couple of friends from Brandon.

      I certainly hope they won’t die out! I think as long as farmers exist there will be some necessity for fairs – so there’s that. I hope they’ll continue if only as a way for kids (and me) to pet some farm animals once or twice a year. Maybe they’ll have to get creative / technological to attract crowds, or maybe people will eventually be drawn to their old-fashioned charm. A girl can dream!


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