The Feminine Perspective: Special Edition – A Letter to the World, Post Election


So I’m just going to jump right into this one and reflect on what happened in the US on Tuesday, or actually early Wednesday morning when Donald Trump (its feels like a He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named moment for all my fellow Harry Potter nerds) won the presidential election. I think I can say, as a Canadian watching from the outside that the shock and disbelief was real. I had so much hope that, despite whatever flaws and mistakes she may have made that Hillary Clinton would have won. I had so much hope that the world was open to a woman being in a position of power. A position dominated by men, how beautiful a moment it would have been for her and for womankind to have broken that tradition. As it is, a man who doesn’t really seem worthy of the position and the power is in power. A man who has consistently and rigorously demeaned and humiliated anyone who he decided was inferior to him. He has humiliated women, demeaning them and turning them into objects or using crude language when referring to them (we all remember the “grab them by the pussy” moment). He even referred to his own daughter as a sexual object that men could take and do with as they pleased. Like really?! What kind of father throws his own flesh and blood to the wolves and tells them to have at it? If that wasn’t enough, he proceeded to isolate and dehumanize any and all immigrant communities, implying that they were not welcome in his country. In a world that is being destroyed by hatred, chaos and war, discrimination, that last thing we need is to make people feel like they don’t belong. There is no progress in isolation, there is no progress in doing what has already been done. Does no one remember what happened in World War II, when the Jewish community was isolated and massacred in the most brutal way imaginable? Or how about the massacre in Cambodia? Or even worse, the massacres and cruelty that took place in Rwanda? Does no one remember what happened there? Or how about what has happened to our Native American communities (and is still happening by the way)? Has the isolation and discrimination of these communities provided any good, any growth to human kind? No, they haven’t. They’ve just revealed the ugliest side of human kind. The sides of us that is dominated by the Ego, by narcissism and pride, and our obsession with power and money. And if you think he had a point, you need to check yourself. What’s more, he doesn’t believe in climate change. Like really? You don’t need to be a biologist or environmental expert to notice that things are changing, and not for the better. Ice is melting at record speeds, water levels are rising, natural resources are declining just as rapidly. The weather is slowly starting to go out of balance. Turning a blind eye to the problem and pretending like it doesn’t exist, is not only ignorant, it’s quite possibly the dumbest thing you could do. When the time comes where the world is not longer inhabitable, you know who is going to be the first to cry wolf and want to leave? It’s the people who turned a blind eye to climate change. And the chaos he has left in his wake keeps on giving, he has disrespected and turned his back on the LGBTQ community. Another community of beautiful souls who have sacrificed and worked tirelessly to get to where they are today. To be given (and rightfully so) the same rights as any heterosexual couple and the respect to be exactly who they are with no judgment. Voting for him is voting for hatred, for cruelty, for disrespect, for ignorance, for discrimination, for no evolution or growth, for Ego, for money and greed, for misogyny and sexism, for older Republican men who feel like they know what is best for the rest of the world. I have a hard time wrapping my head around what people saw in him and the things he has said. Obviously they heard something the rest of the world didn’t. My greatest hope is that all the derogatory comments and disgusting stuff he has said was just that, stuff, with no substance or true meaning. My greatest hope is that he is a smart as people believe him to be. I hope that this experience humbles him and the people who voted for him. I hope that the next four years opens every one’s eyes to the reality of the current world and not the world we have returned to because voting for him is simply disregarding centuries of blood, sweat, tears, sacrifice and fight that thousands upon thousands of people have given to improve the world and their country, to make it into the world they wish to be apart of. I hope that something good, productive and positive comes out of what is simply the most shocking and unbelievable moment in history.

To my fellow super-females or #nastywomen, it is time for us to rise up and fight with everything in our hearts and souls to be heard and to be seen. The path has been laid down in front of us by decades of brave women and now it is our turn to come to together, to be so strong and powerful that the world will have no choice but to listen to us. We need to stop fighting with each other, stop the comparisons and the jealousy, we need to, as Beyonce once wisely said, get in formation and lift each other up. We need to start celebrating each other and the successes we have worked hard to earn. Every step forward by one is a step forward for all. Hillary Clinton has shattered one of the biggest glass ceilings yet and it is our turn to keep on shattering any and all obstacles in our way. We have to own our power and our voices. We have to speak loud, then speak louder. We have just as much right to positions of power and an education as any other human on this planet. We have a right to own our bodies and to have them be respected in turn. We have a right to be in charge of our reproductive systems, no one can tell us how to handle something that is solely female. We need to teach the world that it is okay to be vulnerable, sensitive, gentle, kind, polite and compassionate and still be a badass mother-fucking warrior that tears down any obstacle in her path, that commands power and respect, a woman that has earned her right to be treated as an equal and as human as any. I want to live in a world that I am one day proud to tell my future daughter about. A world where I don’t have to tell her that because she is a girl that things will be harder, that there will be limitations and expectations placed on her. I want her to grow up in a world filled with badass warrior women who are fighting to own their place in this big beautiful world. So ladies, it’s time to get in formation, let’s stand together, grab opportunities by the pussy and break some mother-fucking glass ceilings. Our time is now, let’s rise up.

To minorities of any race, culture, colour, shape, or religious beliefs, to the environmental warriors, to all the beautiful souls of the LGBTQ community, I stand by you and I see you. You have a voice that is just as powerful as anyone else’s and the world needs to hear you. Now is as good a time as any to stand up tall and proud, own who you are and own what you stand for. Love harder than you have ever loved before, spread so much kindness and respect to the world that it doesn’t know what to do with the excess. Use your voices for good, fight for what is rightfully yours. Own your humanness and command respect. Don’t let anyone tell you you are less than, because you are more than those who try to tear you down will ever be. You are love personified. You are enough. You are worthy. You are seen and heard and loved. Together, let’s make the world a more beautiful and loving place.

Humbly and lovingly,

Melanie & Stephanie

PS: Thank you Mr. Trump for giving the feminist movement our battle cries that will carry us as we venture forth to destroy any and all misogyny, sexism, discrimination, hatred and bigotry. The future is female, can you dig it?



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