Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

To all our beautiful readers,

As the holidays approach, I just wanted to take a minute and say a few things I have come to understand over the past couple of weeks. The holidays are a beautiful time of year, a time we get to spend with family sharing stories and laughter, it’s the time of year where we get to give as much as we receive, it’s a time for blessings, a time to be grateful for all that we have, it’s a time of joy and peace and immense love. It’s also the time for new beginnings, of fresh starts, it’s the time of year where we get to press the refresh button and become who we truly believe ourselves to be and there is something so magical and inspiring about that. For some however, it can be a difficult time, as someone who struggles with mental health, I know that this time of year can be exhausting and emotionally straining, but it doesn’t mean that it still can’t be beautiful and special. It’s important to remember to take time for yourself, you are just as important as the people around you and deserve to give yourself some alone time and some gentle TLC. I read this quote recently, actually it’s more than a quote more of a statement, that we need to learn to fill our cup up first, like putting your mask on first in an airplane before you help those around you. You need to fill your cup up first, fill it with love, compassion, and kindness then allow the excess to spill over onto those around you. It’s not selfish to take time for yourself, to love yourself first, to be kind and compassionate to yourself. There is nothing more selfless than taking the time to make sure you are in a good place and allowing that goodness to spread to those around you because you are always more when you are whole. So take the time to nourish yourself even if it’s just for 5 minutes, make the most out of those 5 minutes because you deserve them. Also take the time to be grateful for all that you have this year, remember that the holidays are about more than presents, the perfect Christmas tree and delicious food. Choose to be grateful for the roof over your head, for the food filling your belly, for your body and all the miraculous things it does for you on a daily basis, for your loved ones, for the gifts given to you, be grateful for all the many beautiful blessings in your life. We all live blessed lives and sometimes we need to remind ourselves of that. Remind yourself that you live in a country that doesn’t take peace for granted, that allows us to think and speak openly and honestly, that allows us to love freely and more importantly, allows us the freedom to choose who we love. If we could all just take a minute this holiday season to remind ourselves of that, the world is that much closer to being a more loving place. Choose to be the light this holiday season, reach out and tell those closest to you that you love them, smile at strangers and always remember to be kind.

Our deepest wish for all of you this New Year is that you allow yourself the space to just be, to accept the present moment in all its glory, that you radiate light and love to those around you, that you believe in yourself as much as we believe in you, to be kind especially to those who have been unkind to you (choose to be the kinder person), to forgive yourself and those who have wronged you, to allow yourself the space to restart and decide who you want to be in this great big Universe. Remember that you are enough simply because you exist. You do not need to be more or less. Just be the glorious human that you are. Remember that you are worthy, that you are valued and that you are loved. Remember that you are an important part of this Universe and that your voice matters. Stand up for what you believe in. Choose your words and your actions wisely, have them come from a place of love and goodness in this new year. Remember that you are human, that you will make mistakes and fall on your face a couple of times. Choose to be strong, to get back up and to keep on fighting. You have 365 new opportunities to be the person you truly believe yourself to be, don’t waste them focusing on the past. Keep moving forward, one step at a time. Choose to be a positive force in this world. There is nothing more powerful than someone who is empowered to do good in this world, choose to do good. Be the change you wish to see in this new year and in the world. We are in this together, bring it on 2017!

Before we sign off, we just want to say a massive thank you to our readers, as we approach the new year and the one year anniversary of the blog we want to thank you SO much for taking time out of your day to read the words we write here and allowing them to have an impact. We receive so many kind words of support and encouragement and they are all immensely appreciated. We wouldn’t be here doing this without you beautiful humans so thank you! Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to share our thoughts and views openly and honestly. We hope to bring you more inspiring content in the New Year! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Wishing you all the happiest of holidays and all the best in 2017,

Melanie and Stephanie xo




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