The Feminine Perspective Special Edition: The March for Human Rights

Today was an inspiring, empowering and powerful day. Today millions of people across the globe came together to stand in solidarity, to stand up loud and proud for what is GOOD, what is RIGHT and what is FAIR. Today the world witnessed a unity and a strength beyond anything that has ever been seen before. Today the world witness the greatest revolution and movement of love, peace and equality. No matter what you believe in you cannot deny the power and impact the march that took place today created. It went beyond the scope of women’s rights, it became a movement of human rights and it became the greatest show of unity and love. It showed the world that there is still good left, that there are still people who are willing to band together to make this world a better place. Today people from all walks of life showed up and supported what truly matters, not just nationally but internationally and that is the right to be respected, the right to be treated equally as a human being, the right to a choice, the right to a choice about your body, the right to choose who and how you love, that no matter the colour of your skin or the religion you choose to honour or whether you were born in this country or not, that you are SEEN, that you MATTER and that you are VALID.

Today and every day from this point on, I ask that you STAND UP, RISE UP, get in formation, and fight with a fierce love in your heart for what you believe in. Understand with every cell and fibre of your being that who you are and what you stand for is worthy, is valid and matters. Repeat this to yourself every single day, and don’t let anyone tell you any differently: YOU ARE WORTHY. YOU ARE VALID. YOU MATTER. Use your voice. Tell your story. Move through this life with a fierce love and kindness. Fight every single day for who are you and what you believe in. Understand that the colour of your skin, the religion you believe in, the country you were born in, the person you choose to love, or the sex that you identify with, that they may be a part of who you are but understand that you are also more than that, you are a human being and that makes you enough, that makes you valid, that makes you matter and that you are SEEN. Stand proudly in who you are because you are beautiful. Don’t let anyone take that fundamental right away from you, the fundamental right to be treated as a human being with equal rights and equal amounts of respect and don’t let anyone make you feel ashamed of who you are. Stand up. Stand proud. Rise up. Be fierce. Use your beautiful heart, fierce mind and passionate soul to fight for what is fundamentally yours. Raise your words, not only your voice. Speak from a place of compassion and knowledge. More progress is made when it is made from a place of peace, compassion and knowledge. Never stop fighting for what is good, what is right and what is fair. I ask that if you are a parent, to educate your children on these issues, make them aware that they too have a voice, that it is powerful and that their opinions are valid. Teach your daughters that their bodies are theirs, that they have a choice and a right to decide how it is treated. Teach them that they are more than their bodies, that the size of their bodies is irrelevant. Allow them the space and support to own their bodies. Teach your daughters to be more than beautiful. Teach them to be fierce, to be passionate, to be compassionate, to be kind and loving. Teach them that they don’t need a man to validate them, to make them feel worthy and loved. Teach them that they own that power, teach them that true validation can only come from them, teach them to love themselves and believe in their own worth. Tell them every single day that they are loved, that they are enough, that they are worthy, that they matter and that they are valid. Teach your sons that women are not objects, that they are more than bodies. Teach them to treat women as human beings. Teach them respect, compassion and the true meaning of love and acceptance. Teach your sons that true strength is a measure of how gentle and kind they are. Teach your sons that emotions and sensitivity is a human thing. That it is a natural thing .That to feel is to be human. Allow them to feel, allow them to own their emotions. Tell your sons that you love them, that you are proud of them, validate their emotions and teach them that being sensitive doesn’t make them any less worthy or manly, it makes them human. Allow your children the space to choose how they want to be in this world and honour that. Teach your children what it means to be human, to be kind and accepting of all people. Changing the world starts there. Today is just the beginning, this revolution that has been reignited has a lit a fire in people heart’s and souls. This fight isn’t over and it won’t be over until real change has been made.

And to those of you who believe that this won’t change anything, I ask you to look to the women’s rights movement from the 60’s or the civil rights movement or the LGBTQ movement, all of those people fighting for what they believed in and for what was/is rightfully theirs were told the same thing but they never stopped fighting. Each of those movements respectively won in the end. Persistence, determination and the unrelenting faith/belief that we will get what is rightfully ours will allow us to win again. The fact that you doubt that this will do anything is what fuels us to keep going until we win, again. For those of you who do believe in fundamental HUMAN rights for ALL, keep the conversation going. Keep talking about it, talk about it loudly and proudly until no one can deny the truth anymore. Do what you can with what you have to make your voice and your story heard. Talk to everyone and anyone about it. Support people who have the same values as you. Use your social media for more than selfies and pictures of food or your latest purchases, use it to spread truth, to spread love, to spread kindness and acceptance. Use it to support the things that matter to you. Use it as a platform for what you believe in. Do good things with the time you have here on Earth. Help make a change in this world that truly matters. Keep shattering the glass ceilings. Stand up. Rise up. Power to the people.

Forever a passionate feminist who loves all BEINGS,


(Header Photo Credit to and the Amplifier Foundation’s art winners who created this rad pieces of art for the march, there are more images on the site that you should definitely check out!)


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