About Us

We are two best friends who’ve known each other since before we had real boobs. We somehow simultaneously know too much and not enough about each other.

Melanie is on this journey called life, still trying to figure out her place in it. She’s been a student of science for years now but needed something a little more creative in her life and there was no better way to do it then with her best friend, Steph. Mel’s a lover of good books, a great cup of tea or a latte, being out in nature, veggie pizza, Friends reruns, and animals. She hopes to bring a little optimism, humour, and light to the world.

Stephanie moved away to Toronto in 2014, leaving Melanie alone (albeit surrounded by family and friends) in Montreal. She has a Masters degree in theatre studies, and is now job hunting in the 6ix! It’s almost as bad as shopping for pants. Stephanie loves theatre, clowns, ice cream, being outdoors, travelling, ice cream, yoga, and dogs. She also loves ice cream. She has tried to like running on three separate occasions. Her efforts only seem to end in trauma, so let’s just say she is still trying.


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