Our Mission

We dream of creating a space where people feel free to “be themselves” and embrace whatever that means to them, just as we do when we’re hanging out. We want this blog to be a place where people of every shape, colour, religion, nationality, ethnicity and Instagram filter preference can come together to discuss the things that really matter to them. Fashion, style, our favourite TV shows and movies, Beyonce, food, health, culture, relationships, love, and even some politics – nothing is off limits here!

We want to bring our voices together to break down the barriers of what it means to be a “proper” or “normal” woman, to foster confidence and community which will seep into the real world. We hope our content builds an honest, funny, and open place where people can feel empowered. This is a space where we can all be real, and weird, and not feel judged for it. Think about it like a good coffee date with your girls.

This blog won’t be flawlessly curated. We will try to post once a week, for now, and see where it goes. We will write mostly separately, in our own voices, about the things that are currently on our minds. Sometimes our posts will talk to each other, and sometimes they won’t. Get to know us individually, and we’ll try to get to know you, too. We both hope to use a style that is inviting, simple and a little bit funny, so that you have as much fun reading us as we do writing for you.

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